In Honor of Army Sgt. First Class Daniel Crabtree

This Thanksgiving training session is dedicated to Army Sgt First Class Daniel Crabtree, 19th Special Forces Group who lost his life in 2006. This training session included a 4.5 mile interval workout. Interval workouts are not my most favorite workouts. They hurt, they are hard and they are just plan not fun. This workout was a pyramid with 3 – 90 strokes piece, 2 – 180 strokes piece, 1 -270 stroke piece, 2 – 180 strokes piece, 3 – 90 strokes piece. I did use the GoPro Hero camera to look at my form during the training. I have attached a part of that video so you can see what all this little camera picks up. Really is pretty amazing. The jury is still out on getting audio and I am still working with that. For Army Sgt. First Daniel Crabtree’s family, that included a daughter named Mallory, hardness didn’t come with an interval workout but with the loss of a husband and father.  A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to Mallory.  Please consider a donation to reduce the challenge the Crabtree’s family has been given.