In Honor of Air Force Tech. Sgt Arden Smith

This training session is dedicated to Air Force Tech Sgt. Arden Smith, who was assigned to the 102nd Rescue Squadron and lost his life during a rescue mission in 1991. Today was supposed to be a long slow easy paddle. It was long 3 hour and 10 minutes.  It was slow, average speed was 3.8 MPH versus a planned 4.0 MPH.  I did go 12 miles, but it was not easy. The winds were blowing pretty good and it made Tampa Bay kind of lumpy. I really didn’t want, and my workout plan didn’t call for, a hard workout today due to the workouts I had completed during the week. I just paddled a comfortable pace and let the speed be what it would be. I think this is one of the slowest long distance workout speeds I have logged since June. I am still messing around with the GeoHero camera and have not figured out how to join the videos. Thus the reason for three separate videos. Tomorrow I plan on posting my prospective on pain management for Watertribe events and how I am training for it. For Air Force Tech. Sgt. Arden Smith’s  family, that included a daughter, pain was when he was no longer there for them. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his kid.  Please consider a donation to reduce the challenge the Smith family has been given.