In Honor of Navy SOC (SEAL) Adam L Brown

This training session is dedicated to Navy SOC (SEAL) Adam L. Brown who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2010. Today was an easy training day so I could recover from yesterday’s interval workout. I ended up paddling 5.3 miles at an easy pace with an average speed of 4.4 MPH. There was very little wind and the tide was slack so I was able to produce a pretty good speed without putting out a big effort. Got some nice words of encouragement from Capt. Andy of the F/V TIME BANDIT thanks to Frank August a USMMA classmate.  If you get a chance watch the show “Deadliest Catch” and see the crew of the F/V TIME BANDIT in action. They have a tough  and dangerous job. Today was an easy training day for me. There are no easy days for the crew of the F/V TIME BANDIT when she is fishing.  When she comes into port and finishes offloading the crew does get a break and has some easy days. For the family of SOC (SEAL) Adam L. Brown, that included two children, there are no easy days without him. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for his children to get a college education.