In Honor of Army SSG Leroy Alexander

These training sessions are dedicated to Army SSG Leroy Alexander, assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group, who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2005. Wednesday started off with a 10 minutes rowing session as a warmup and then a Lift 2 weight routine. During the month of December I lifted on Tuesday but the walk workouts on Tuesday are going long so I have shift the lift routine to Wednesday. In the afternoon it was interval time. I hate these workouts but they are a necessary workout. I completed 5 miles of intervals with an average speed of 5.3 MPH and man they hurt. Today in the morning I  biked 10.8 miles in 30.8 minutes and performed a TRX workout that worked the lower body. In the afternoon I completed a 5 mile easy paddle with an average speed of 4.8 MPH. The water was like glass and I was able to observed a beautiful sunset. It was so nice to have an easy paddle after yesterday’s torture paddle. My interval paddles are painful but the pain goes away once the workout is complete.  For the family of SSG Leroy Alexander, that included a son and daughter, the pain of his loss never leaves . A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for his children to get a college education.