In Honor of QM2 James E. Suh (SEAL)

These training sessions are dedicated to QM2 James E. Suh (SEAL), assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle ONE, who lost his life on June 28,2005 while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. QM2 Suh was a Gator who graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Statics.  Sunday was a rest day and it was needed after the long (35 mile) paddle on Saturday. Monday stated out with a run of 3.5 miles in 33 minutes and a weight lifting routine. Still keeping the weights to 3 sets with 12,10, and 8 reps and a 30 sec rest interval. Monday evening completed a 12 mile strength paddle in 2 hr 24 minutes which gave me an average speed of 5 MPH. This was a good workout. I was able to obtain and hold the 5 MPH speed and not exceed my heart rate target zone. Tuesday I walked 5 miles with a 35 lb pack in 78 minutes over various elevations. This was two minutes better than I had done before so it appears that I am making  progress in my walking fitness.  Wednesday I biked 11.4 miles in 33 minutes and completed a TRX1 – 7 week workout.  Finished the day off with a 6 mile time trial that had some wind and waves. Completed the six miles in 1 hr and 7 minutes which gave me a speed of 5.37 which was better than my last time trail. Based on this result it appears that the training regiment is still providing improvements in my fitness level. At this point it is really too close to the event and the scheduled tampering to make any adjustments. Today’s time trial was a painful one but the pain left as soon as I finished. For the family of QM2 James E. Suh (SEAL)  the pain of his loss never leaves . A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for the families of fallen warriors such as QM2 Suh.