In Honor of Master Sgt. Arthur L. Lilley, Special Forces

These training sessions are dedicated to Master Sgt. Arthur L. Lilley, (ARMY) Special Forces, who lost his life on June 15, 2007 while conduction combat operations in Afghanistan.  I was surprized at how sore I was from the long paddle of Saturday. I felt worse that I did after my first 40 mile paddle. The only thing I can tie it to is that I was working harder than I thought fighting the wind and waves and it was much colder when I was doing my stretching after I had finished. It may not have been sufficient to get he lactic acid out of my muscles. Something I will have to watch for during the UFC. I see a lot of folks come in after a long day of paddling and immediately setup camp and  jump into the tent. I do agree when it is cold you have to do this but I find it best to do some stretching before going to sleep. The training schedule called for an easy 6 mile paddle on Sunday but I skipped it since I was sore and feeling so tired. Monday i ran 3.5 miles in 33 minutes and performed a weight lifting workout. The schedule didn’t call for a paddle on Monday. Tuesday I biked 11.3 miles in 33 minutes and performed a TRX1- 7 week workout. Didn’t paddle on this day either. Today I walked 5 miles in 78 minutes with a 35 lb weight and completed an interval paddle workout of 5 miles in 1 hour which gave me a speed of 5 MPH. This speed was lower than my past workouts but the wind and current was working against me. Since I was in my target heart rate range I am pleased with the workout. I have decided it is time to shake out the cob webs on the sailing gear so after the paddle workout I rig the boat for sailing and went out for an hour. Ran into Jungle Jim paddling back from work. Good to see him on the water and to know that he has signed up for the EC. He is fast, no let me change that to very fast, so he will be one to watch. For the family of Master Sgt. Arthur L. Lilley, that included a son and a daughter, life is not easy without him.  Please remember the name of this brave men. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for the families of fallen special warriors.

2 thoughts on “In Honor of Master Sgt. Arthur L. Lilley, Special Forces

  1. I hope your excursion on the Little Manatee was successful today. We missed seeing you along the Hillsborough! I know you/re counting down the days toward embarkation. Your fan club is sending best wishes, prayers and good karma your way!


  2. Thanks for the best wishes and words of encouragement. Next two weeks will be prep time and taper time. Today was the last really hard workout.


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