5 knots?!?

Well as bad as it was yesterday, and believe me it was bad, Bill is off and sailing today.  Clocking him at just over 5 knots at times!!!  The morning call was pretty short and sweet, “I’m heading out and the winds finally turned.  Pretty rough out here last night.  Heading to CP1.”  After checking the race website, I learned that there is an official weather hold covering everyone in the race and no one will be dropped for missing a deadline at the checkpoints.  WHEW!!!!  The bad news is I didn’t have the information to tell him when he called.  The good news is maybe not knowing will give him a little extra kick to push a little hard to make up time today.  Easy for me to say, right?  I know last night’s blog entry wasn’t pretty but hopefully you can see the video.  Until the next time….