Race Day 3

Bill started the morning leaving CP1 @ 4:30am.  Did lots of paddling thru the pass then sailed the rest of the way to Sanibel.  After the turn at Sanibel it was all paddle sailing the rest of the way to camp tonight.  A total of 64 miles today — not too shabby.  I wish I had something more interesting to report but there’s a lot of race yet to come and we still have the Everglades portion so stay tuned!!

1 thought on “Race Day 3

  1. Weather conditions have to be a bear for Bill and his competitors, as the winds here in southern florida have become very strong over night, with winds in the range of 20 to 25mph out of the ENE, with gust of 30mph. Hope it clams down as he gets further south. Here’s live web cam a link you can check, once he turns north and heads into the port evergaldes area. (in the upper left corner there’s a toggle, for differant camera angels of the port passage.) http://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/index.html

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