Race Day 10 and 11

Guess I am behind once again!!  Bill had another great visit along the shore and I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to him.  The current made it too difficult to make his way to the seawall so he wanted those people to know that he knew you were there and wished he could have stopped.  Talked to him last night around 1:00am and they were just stopping.  I could tell it had been a long day and sleep deprivation was at its best.  Completing a full sentence was difficult for him.  He was getting very frustrated trying to remember something he wanted to tell me to bring.  I was trying to help by mentioning different items I thought he might want when he finally blurted out, “grapes!!”  Then he felt it necessary to remind me to make sure I “brought the truck.”  Sure, hon, I will bring the truck (I literally have no other option).  He then explained he needed the truck to drive over his rudder.   He had my attention after that one.  I can only assume somehow his rudder has gotten bent and he needs to straighten it.  Bet you can’t wait for the next update!!

He was planning on leaving around 6:30am and should arrive at the checkpoint around 4:30pm.  Going to resupply, download new data on the GPS, then get back in the boat and find a place to camp.  That’s the plan anyway so I will let you know what really happens when I return. 🙂