Race Day 13

Not great sleep at Sebastian.  Just laid his sleeping mat on the grass and tried to get a few hours.  Bill has said the last couple of days that his fueling system is failing him.  There are times early in the day that he can’t keep his eyes open.  He and Rod (Riverslayer) have made the decision a couple of times to just stop, get out, and go to a restaurant along the water to get a good hot (fresh?) meal and that has helped somewhat.  Trying to put in at least 40 miles a day and hopes to be at Ft. Clinch this Sunday.  Bill and Rod referred to themselves as the tortoise team — slow and steady.  Whatever gets the job done and gets them to the finish line.

2 thoughts on “Race Day 13

  1. It sounds like they both need a good meal, a full night’s sleep, then a good breakfast and then be underway again, maybe get a shower too before bedtime.

  2. Just keep chugging! With the easterly winds the Balogh is a great asset.

    Fair winds, smooth seas

    Bill Herrmann

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