Race Day 14 and 15

No wind, fighting the tides, and HOT!  That pretty much sums up the last couple of days.  Trying some different things to try to help with fueling issues and waiting to see if it helps.  HUGE shout out to  Steve Born @ Hammer Nutrition who was so gracious with his time and knowledge with suggestions for Bill.  Great company, great product, great people.

Bill and Rod are expected to arrive at Ft. Clinch some time Monday.  Another racer, Pelican, will be pulling out upon arrival at Sebastian Inlet bringing the total number of participants down to 4.  Quite a year.

8 thoughts on “Race Day 14 and 15

  1. Looks like Bill might finally have some wind today… currently clocking in at 4.8 knotts! He’s doing great! Thanks for keeping us all updated Lisa.

  2. Just checked his SPOT on Tuesday morning…..

    Go Bill! Good call about taking eight at Ft Clinch!

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