Race Day 21

Yep, it’s been 21 days since Bill started this “race.”  The last two days have made it seem even longer but  I finally got a call from Bill this morning around 10:15.  He and Rod made it to Fargo.  As worried as we were for Bill not having his running shoes for the portage, he said his feet were great.  Whew!!  Finding places to camp along the portage were interesting and Bill just kept repeating that the last couple of days have been “a little difficult.”  Well that’s probably the understatement of the century.  They were preparing to get in the Suwannee River and get back to paddling.  My words of encouragement for Bill were, “You are doing awesome!  I’m so proud of what you have accomplished!  You are one day closer to Ft. Desoto and seeing the new vehicle I’m buying today, LOVE YOU!!!!”  That will get him home.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Race Day 21

  1. Seriously, What an incredible personal challenge and accomplishments to this point of the race. He’s clearly in the home stretch and close to achieving his goals. We’ve all been tracking his progress closely and pulling for him every step of the way. Please let him know we are all totally behind him, and he has our best wishes with every paddle towards the finish. Amazing!
    “Paddle Whale Paddle”.

  2. Congrats on the new vehicle. Is it by chance a Land Rover?

    Great posts. Thanks for the updates.

    Glad to hear that Bills feet survived 40 miles in his boat shoes. I’d sure hate to try doing 40 miles in mine.

    I hope that Riverslayers blisters don’t become a lingering problem. Being back on the water might be a good thing, but I imagine it’s a pain to keep them clean and uninfected while they’re healing.

    It’s not obvious, how long or well Whale and Riverslayer knew each other before this challenge, but it”s obvious that they’ve both made this a more enjoyable adventure for the other. It’s nice when the sun, moon and stars all seem to line up at the right time and friendships like this take root and flourish.


  3. Way to go Bill ! … Been tracking your phenomenal progress.

    If you get tired later give me a call. I’ll drive my Jeep up there and meet you at the Florida/Georgia border under cover of darkness … one hour later you would just magically show up at Cedar Key 🙂 … The only people that would know would be: you, me and your hundreds of facebook/online followers. lol.

    See you soon.

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