It’s Almost Over!!!

Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday I posted my first blog regarding Bill leaving on his great adventure?  Nope, not really!!  In fact, at the time I am typing this it has been 26 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes — but I’m not counting.

I just got a message from RiverslayersGirl who received a call from Rod.  He stated they were in Dunedin, about 30 miles from the finish.  They were getting something to eat, going to camp for the night, then expected to arrive tomorrow between 1:00pm and 2:00pm.  The finish line is at the boat ramp at Ft. Desoto.  If you can, please come out and welcome him home.

7 thoughts on “It’s Almost Over!!!

  1. Many of us would love to be there to welcome him home; however, we’ll be holding down the fort at work.

    Give him our best.

  2. I’m a Watertribe fan (a lurker) whose been following this challenge from the start. I truly admire Whale’s achievement and stamina. Congratulations to him and kudos to you for updating us with this blog and cheering him along the way.

  3. Hi Bill – Sorry we can’t be there today. WELCOME HOME ! ! ! ! Ron & Linda

  4. We will definitely be there to welcome them them. Well done…..both of them!!

  5. Hi Bill and Lisa – I was hoping to be able to see Bill home but cannot be there in person. I will be there in spirit and sending my love and congratulations for a wonderful feat. You both are awesome!! Bill – I’m proud of you.

  6. Wow!! Congratulations!! Mr. Whale, I followed you with prayers and in spirit… I wished they’d let me get out of the plaza and be there when you get in… but I have to stay here. I’ll talk at you when you get back to work… but for now…. have a great and relaxing weekend..

    That was amazing!!!


  7. I just checked and see that you and Riverslayer completed the UFC today at 12:47pm, Woo Hoo! Congratulations to you and Riverslayer. It was my pleasure to learn about you and follow your progress from the beginning to the finish of this challenge. Your skills and talents in addition to your preparation, planning, initiative, commitment, focus and perseverence were exemplary. What was impressive in addition to all the aforementioned was your good sportsmanship. My hat is off to you. You have my respect and admiration.


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