48 Hours Later…

[Dictated by Bill, typed by Lisa]

Well it has been about 48 hours since arriving at my destination of Ft. DeSoto.  I was feeling such exhilaration for finishing, and my energy level was strong, but it didn’t take long for my brain to recognize and tell my body, you are done.  My body felt like it was shutting down.  I have been surprised at the exhaustion and fatigue and the general feeling of being in a fog.  Sleep has not come easy and the pain in my right hand has been extremely intense.  My right hand is the worst as I have lost the feeling in my ring and middle finger.   As those nerves have started to heal, it has been painful.  With each hour it seems my body is getting used to being back home and that is a nice feeling.

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone.  Thank you for the prayers and the thoughts and the support that was provided to both me and Lisa during this time.  There is no doubt during some of this journey divine intervention was taking place, and I know that was because of the prayers.  I also want to say thank you so much to the folks that were there at Ft. DeSoto to welcome us home.  I know for some of you this meant taking time off from work and traveling long distances.  The red carpet, the balloons, the whistles, the very gentle handshakes,  and the fellow Watertribers (some of which have done this before me).  It is very hard to put in words how much it meant having you all there.  I plan to capture, in future posts, some of the stories and experiences of the race, so keep checking back.

I keep getting asked if I am going to do the UFC again, but at the time of this post I still have an immense amount of pain in my right hand that would most likely affect how I  answer that question, so I am going to wait a little while before doing so.  (I told Bill it was going to be like childbirth… by the time 2016 arrives, he will have forgotten about all this pain and he will be right back out there.  And, about the time he is crossing Florida Bay, he will be saying, “Seemed like a good idea at the time!!)  🙂


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