November 18 & 19, 2011 Training Session

These training sessions were dedicated to Air Force Staff Sgt Timothy Davis who was assigned to 23rd Special Tactics Squadron and lost his life in 2009.

Nov 18 – This training session consisted of  Biking 10.4 miles – 33 minutes -(HR 120 – 130 ) and Lift Schedule 2 – Rep 12*10*8 – 45 sec rest.

Nov 19 – This training session consisted of a 3.5 hour long distance slow paddle  (HR 80-100). I had four goals for this session: (1) Continue building endurance, (2) Try out some modifications to my fueling protocol, (3) Get some open water paddling time in and (4) Practice doing videos. Goal (1)- Finished the 3.5 hour paddle in good shape and covered 13.8 miles. Half of this paddle was against the tide and the wind which varied from 5-15 knots. The waves were really not that bad since the winds were out of the NE and I was closer to the eastern shore of Tampa Bay. Goal (2)- My stomach and my energy levels seemed to do ok with the fueling protocol change I tried. I am trying to address the taste fatigue problems I experience in the two Everglades Challenges. I am not going to mention any negatives I might experience with any of the energy fuels. I feel this is unfair to those brands. A fueling protocol that works is so dependent on each person’s body chemistry. What works for one doesn’t work for another. Goal (3)  I did get some good open water time in this workout. Paddling in open water can be very boring or very scary.  It takes some mental toughness to keep from letting the open water get under your skin. My prospective is that only time making friends with open water, the deeper the better, will get you over those big bad sea monsters that supposedly live in the deep big water, and the big waves whose sole purpose is to flip you. Goal (4) Did practice taking some videos with a new camera. I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to quite my day job to become a video guy. Lots to learn on this front.

When Staff Sgt Davis lost his life he left behind a family that included a son. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his son.  Please consider a donation.