In Honor of Capt. Derek Argel USAF

This training session is dedicated to Capt. Derek Argel, Air Force Combat Control Officer who was killed in Iraq on Memorial Day 2005 . This training session included biking 10.4 miles – 33 minutes -Intervals (HR 125 – 140 ) and lifting weights – 12 * 10 * 8 – 30 sec rest. Evening training session was the 2nd Night Paddle – 5 miles – 60 minutes – strength paddle. I ran over something big so there is one sea creature with a headache tonight. Needless to say the fiberglass Twinkie with me as the soft inside survive another night.  When Capt. Argel lost his life he left behind a family that included a son. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his kids.  Please consider a donation.