In Honor of Army Ranger Michael McNulty

This training session is dedicated to Army Ranger Michael McNulty who lost his life in Iraq in 2005. On double workout days I normally do a workout in the morning and a workout in the evening.  Today I had a conflict come up for my morning workout so I ended up doing both workouts in the evening. In both Everglades Challenges my next day plan always ended up having to be modified due to something. The fact that I had to adjust my training plan today is really good mental training for the UFC.  I ended up biking 13 miles – 33 minutes – HR 125-135. Did a TRX workout routine 2 – 5 week schedule with a 30 sec rest between sets. Then I did an easy 6 mile paddle – 1 hour 22 minutes – 4.4 MPH. Tampa Bay was very clam tonight. I guess over the past two days she worked out all her grumpiness. I find that when I am paddling at night I get a little zoned out and that was no different tonight. I was just paddling along when all of a sudden out of my right eye I caught the sight of bright light, 90 degrees to my starboard side, very low to the water, and coming right at me. After caching my breath I realized it was “Jungle Jim” . Another Watertriber who has turned in some very fast times completing the Everglades Challenge. He was paddling home from work at MacDill AFB. Kind of nice to have someone to talk to paddling home. This night paddle got a little boring and lonely.  For Army Ranger Michael McNulty’s family, that included a son, loneliness  was when he was no longer there for them. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his kid.  Please consider a donation to reduce the challenge the McNulty family has been given.