In Honor of Navy SEAL Petty Officer Steven M Voigt

These training sessions are dedicated to Navy SEAL Petty Officer Steven Voigt, SEAL Team EIGHT, who lost his life in 1996. Today’s training session was another night paddle of 6 miles with a time of 1 hour 15 minutes. This paddle was supposed to be a baseline time trial but the weather and tide make the time questionable as a baseline. Winds were not as bad as the previously training session but it was rainy and cold.  I was so miserable that if JAWS had come after me for a night snack he would have gotten a surprise.  I would have gone after him and bit him for messing with me. Yesterday’s training session consisted of a 3 mile walk, various incline levels, with a 35 lb weight and weight lifting session 1 – 12*10*8 reps – 30 sec rest.  Spent the past couple of days plotting the course from Tampa Bay to Ft Myers. Experience has taught me that you always want another pair of eyes to look over your course. That other pair of eyes will be one of my neighbors. What is great is that he has a lot more experience in most of the waters I will be going through than I do. For most of tonight’s workout I was miserable.  For Navy SEAL Petty Officer Steven Voigt’s family, that included a son, misery started when he was no longer there for them. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his kid.  Please consider a donation to reduce the challenge the Voigt’s family has been given.