In Honor of Air Force Tech Sgt. Robert Daniel

This training session is dedicated to Air Force Tech Sgt. Robert Daniel, 16th Special Operations Squadron who was killed in action in Kenya in 1994. Yesterday I rested and my body needed it. All last week guess who would show up on the very last set of exercises. You got it, Peanut ! ( For those that don’t now about Peanut see my post on pain management) Lucky for me he showed up very late in the workout and I was able to push through it. I think a key success factor of any training schedule is the adjustments you make based on what you are feeling.  Example is the change I am making on the Long Slow Distance workout to use time in the seat as the measure versus distance. Since Peanut was showing up last week I am making two  adjustments to help combat him. The first is that the present paddling workout on Monday is pretty intense.  Example -Today I did an 8 mile strength paddle that had an average speed of 5.0 MPH with a time 1 hr 36 minutes. Felt pretty good and Peanut didn’t show his face during the whole workout which is conformation that a rest Sunday was in order. This morning I did a 3.48 mile run in 33 minutes but instead of doing the TRX1 workout I swapped it with the  Lift 1 workout I normally do on Tuesday. The reason for this change is the TRX1 workout is more of a mid to lower body workout whereas the Lift 1 workout is more upper body. By swamping workouts  my upper body will have a chance to rest from today’s paddling workout. I also made a change to the Lift 1 workout where wood chops were the last exercise I have moved them to the first exercise due to the intensity of them. Now if Peanut shows up at the tail end of the workout ,like he did last week, my last exercise (Dips) will not help him as much as the wood chops did. Saturday morning I was feeling a little tired and was slow getting into the boat.  I think about how tired the Daniel family must get trying to deal with life without him and I realize I am not tired at all. Just a little bump in the training schedule.  A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his daughter.