In Honor of Major Robert Lindenau

This training session is dedicated to Major Robert Lindenau who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2008. Yesterday I did an elliptical workout of 3.7 miles – 33 minutes and then completed  Lift 2 weight routine – 12*10*8 rep sets with 30 sec rest between sets. Today I did a 4 hour long distance slow paddle. I try to avoid making these workouts a strength workout due to all the workouts from the week. With that in mind I am always adjusting my course to avoid  fighting the winds, tides, and waves. For most of today I was able to do that but the winds did pickup the last hour of the paddle. Overall it was a good paddle covering 16 miles which gives an average speed of 4 MPH. My original training schedule had the long distance training paddles increasing by a mileage measure. Since the miles covered in any given training session is impacted so much by the weather I am going to change the measure  from distance to time in the boat. As an example, today I went 4 hours so for the next long distance training session I will target 4 and half hours and let the mileage be whatever it is. Today the weather was pretty gloomy and could have been depressing. I think about the gloom Major Lindenau’s family, that included four children, must have experienced when he didn’t come home and realize today was not gloomy at all. It was just a little overcast.  A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his children and bring a bright spot to their lives