In Honor of Army Ranger 1st Lt Dimitri Del Castillo

This training session is dedicated to Army Ranger 1st Lt Dimitri Del Castillo who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2011. Yesterday was Christmas and a very needed rest day. Family, lots of food, ball games, gifts, and good times. Today was a new training day and started off with a 3.4 run- 33 minutes and a TRX workout. Hard to believe that a set of straps can put a hurting on you but they sure can. In the afternoon went on a 9 mile strength paddle and covered the distance in 1 hour and 44 minutes which was a record average speed of 5.2 MPH. I am finding there is a pattern on how I feel with the present workout schedule. I normally feel pretty good during the week and come Saturday morning, and the start of the long distance paddle, I am feeling tired from the week’s workouts. So far I have been able to get through the long paddles and feel pretty good afterwards. Come Saturday night I start to feel a little bad and by Sunday morning I am in full-blown “I don’t feel so good” condition and I am sore. This is where the suck it up, get out of bed, move around, go to church, get some food, and rest is the plan of the day. By Sunday afternoon I am feeling better but not great and this feeling stays with me right up to Monday morning. The Monday morning workout is not the best but I usually can get through it and then by Monday afternoon I am feeling pretty good. In fact the Monday afternoon workouts are pretty intense and I usually perform quite well in them. Will have to see how this goes going into January where the workouts will be even more intense. I am finding that I feel bad during the weekends but the bad feeling passes after about 36 hours. For the family of Army Ranger 1st Lt Dimitri Del Castillo the bad feeling caused by his loss didn’t go away after 36 hours. It seemed like it just decided to take up permanent residence.  A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for children of warriors like 1st Lt Del Castillo to get a college education.