In Honor of Army SPC Dustin M Adkins

These training session are dedicated to Army SPC Dustin M Akins who was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group and lost his life in Iraq in 2006. Today was a 6 mile time trial to see the effectiveness of the last few weeks of workouts. My last time trial I averaged 4.8 MPH and on this one I average 5.29 MPH. I know on my first time trial I had some winds and waves that were stronger than I experienced today. Maybe that first time trail should be 4.9 versus 4.8 but it was nowhere near the time I turned in today. Bottom line I think the training is producing results. The first three miles I had a solid 5.4 MPH average speed going but I couldn’t hold it the last three miles. Thus pretty pleased with the day’s training. Especially since I had Peanut ( see post on pain management) talking to me all day. Kind of different to get the negative talk even before the workout has even started. I guess that is the advantage of having a coach. You don’t know what the workout is until you start  the session. The problem with that is that on the UFC I will be the one who is planning the next day’s paddle.  I have to be mentally able to plan a paddle on a particular challenging (winds, waves, rain, cold, act) day even if I don’t feel like it. I guess all the food from the holiday’s has me feeling a little sluggish and thus the negative talk from Peanut. Yesterday I did do a 4 mile walk with a 35 lb weight – 1 hour 6 minutes and performed a TRX workout. Those little TRX straps are torture. Lots of talk among the Watertriber about the low water levels in the St Mary’s and the Suwannee. Really could change the whole nature of the race. Presently the portage is a 40 mile portage and it is a real killer.  A contestant who has been not using their legs for 12-19 days depending on how fast they have been paddling has to then walk and pull a boat for 40 miles. Talk about muscle confusion. If the upper St Mary’s and upper Suwannee have river levels so low they cannot be paddled that 40 mile portage could become a 60 mile or worse portage. Not a nice thing but then that is why it is called a challenge and like the back of my TIME BANDIT hat says ” No Cry Babies” . I signed up for the Ultimate Florida Challenge and it will be over in 30 days. The family of SPC Dustin M Adkins, that includes a son and a daughter, have the challenge of getting through life without him.  A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to the his children.