In Honor of Navy ABH1 (SEAL) Neal C. Roberts

This training session is dedicated to Navy ABH1 (SEAL) Neal C. Roberts who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2003. Today was a long distance training day. Due to the forecast of high winds I decided to do this session in the Hillsborough River.  The paddle was a good one. Covered 30.4 miles in 7 hours and 14 minutes which gave me an average speed of 4.2 MPH. Since the tide was outgoing the river current was flowing at a pretty good pace. I ended up having a speed up river of 3.8 MPH. All the work going up river was paid back with a great down river run with speeds at times of 5.2 MPH. The fueling protocol worked very well and I felt  great at the end. At no time during the paddle did I get the feeling that a bonker coming on. In fact of all the long distance training paddles to date I felt the best today. For the family of ABH1 (SEAL) Neal C. Roberts, that included one child, there are no easy days without him. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for his child to get a college education.