In Honor of Army SFC Mitchell A Lane, Special Forces

These training sessions are dedicated to SFC Mitchell A Lane, assigned to 3rd Special Operations Group (Airborne), who lost his life on August 29, 2003 while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. Muscle chaos is the theme of this week’s training. Over the past six weeks I would end the week-long training session with a long paddle on Saturday and a big time rest on Sunday. Not so this week. I did my longest training paddle (30 miles) of this training regiment and instead of resting on Sunday the schedule called for a 12 mile easy paddle. I think my mind, muscles , and overall body was in a state of shock. I really didn’t want to do this paddle. Peanut was in full-time whine mode but Rocky prevailed. I ended up doing a 12 mile paddle with an average speed of 4.2 MPH. As much as I didn’t want to do the paddle I felt pretty good after it. Today I did a 5 mile walk with a 35 lb weight and I felt pretty spent after the workout. This really is good training because in the UFC I will not get a day of rest. Each day I will have to get back into the saddle after completing a long day. Along with the training the planning for the event is consuming my evenings. It is amazing how much time I am having to spend on the planning phase. The workouts this month have not been easy and the future ones don’t look to be any easier. For the family of Army SFC Mitchell A Lane, Special Forces, that included two young children, the days without him are not easy. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for the families of fallen warriors such as SFC Lane.