In Honor of Fallen Navy Seals of August 6th, 2011

These training sessions are dedicated to the fallen Navy SEALs of August 6th, 2011. Have the courage to watch this video so that the names of these men can be remembered. The training session for the past three days has been the following:

Monday – 3.5 miles in 33 minutes / Lift Routine 1  / 13 mile strength paddle 2 hr and 30 minutes which gave me an average speed of 5.2 MPH

Tuesday – Biked 11.2 miles in 33 minutes / TRX1 – 7 week routine

Wednesday – Walked 5 miles in 77 minutes with a 35 lb pack / 5 mile interval paddle.The intervals were 150 very hard paddle strokes to get my heart rate up and then followed by 60 moderate paddle strokes for a rest. I really do hate these workouts. Completed the 5 miles in 57 minutes and 30 sec which gave me an average speed of 5.2 MPH. I had a lot of wind and waves on one leg of this workout. For some reason I was very tired during this workout and really had to dig deep to complete it. For the past two weeks the workouts have not been easy.  For the families of the Navy SEALs that died on August 6th life has not been easy dealing with their loss. Please remember the names of these brave men and a donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for the families of fallen special warriors.