In Honor of CW2 Bruce Price (ARMY), Special Forces

These training sessions are dedicated to CW2 Bruce Price (ARMY) Special Forces, assigned to 3rd Special Operations Group, who lost his life on May 15,2004 while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. I am always amazed at how emotional issues can drain you physically. Over the past four days I have woke up feeling like I didn’t get a wink of sleep and I am mentally and physically exhausted. The grief process over the loss of my mother is in full effect. The mental battles I have been dealing with have been intense. Thankfully I have been able to overcome them and complete all the workouts as scheduled. Today’s workout was particularly difficult. I started the morning off with a 5 mile walk with a 35 lb weight. I normally do this with a IPOD and the music is a distraction since the workout is so long ( 1 HR and 18 Minutes). Not this morning, my IPOD died and left me with my thoughts. Not a great place to be. Then this evening it was interval time and the question of could I keep focused during this workout. Since I really dislike these it was a real test. Had to dig WAY deep for this workout. Doing these alone really adds another level of mental challenge to them. When you are competing against someone else you have an extra drive to push yourself past the pain. When you are alone there is no one to say you are goofing off except yourself. I ended up completing the 4 miles of intervals with an average speed of 5.4 MPH and a time of 44.45 minutes.  The workouts leading up to today were as follows:

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Ran 3.5 miles 33 Minutes / Weight lifting Routine 1 / Paddle Hard – 14 miles average speed of 5.1 MPH

Tuesday – Biked 11.3 miles 33 minuets/TRX1 – 7 Week Routine

This week has been a tough one and there probably are more tough days ahead. Only time seems to heal some things in life.  For the family of CW2 Bruce Price, that included a  son, time may not ever heal the pain of their loss . A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for the families of fallen warriors such as CW2 Price.