In Honor of SFC Marcus Murallas (ARMY)

Pythons " Game On"

These training sessions are dedicated to SFC Marcus Murallas – Night Stalker – who lost his life on June 28,2005 when his MH-47D Helicopter was shot down during combat operations in Afghanistan. The training schedule called for Sunday being a rest day and then a six mile moderate hard paddle on Monday. I am a firm believer that you have to listen to your body and adjust your training schedule accordingly. I found that when Monday came around I was still pretty wiped out from the long paddle on Saturday. So I did a run at a reduced intensity 3.1 miles in 33 minuets and did a weight lifting routine with 10 lbs less weight for each exercise. Tuesday started out with a bike workout of 33 minutes, again with a low intensity, and a TRX1 – 5 week workout. I went ahead and did the moderate hard six mile paddle 6 miles – 5.1 MPH – 1 hr 10 minutes. Wednesday I did a 4 mile walk with a 35 lb weight in 66 minutes. In addition to the workouts I am spending a lot of time in setting up the resupply bins, testing out gear, and boat prep. The list of things to do is smaller but the list still exist. After all this time it is hard to believe that there are still things outstanding. Just validates Chief’s statement ” Getting to the start line is half the battle”. I was asked about whether I am planning on carrying a gun. This year due to all the discussion of large pythons folks have actually talked about carrying a gun. For me I have never carried a gun on a kayak trip and I don’t see it being very practical. Keeping the ammunition dry, the gun clean, and having it accessible are all problematic in a salt water environment. I have always carried a knife and a camp saw but this year I have a new tool that is going to replace the saw. It is called a Parang. I think it’s origin is from the bush areas of Australia.  I think with this tool I will be a pretty good opponent for any python that wants to play. This week I am trying to cut back on my training and rest the body. For the family of SFC Murallas, that included two children, life is not very restful without him.   Please remember the name of this brave men. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for the families of fallen special warriors.