In Honor of MSG Anthony Yost, (ARMY- Special Forces)

These training sessions are dedicated to MSG Anthony Yost, who was assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group and lost his life on Nov 19,2005 while conducting combat operations in Mosul, Iraq. Last week was the start of a two week taper program. I ended up not doing a scheduled 6 mile time trail on Thursday because of how tired I was feeling. I did do an elliptical workout of 33 minutes and a light weight workout. Friday morning I felt pretty good so I went ahead and did a 33 minute run at a reduced intensity covering 3.1 miles and a  TRX2- 5 week workout. Felt pretty good during this workouts so I was looking forward to some paddling time on Saturday. The weather was not bad on Saturday but I did try to stay out of the wind and did an easy 12 mile paddle with a speed of 4.1 MPH. I felt pretty good during the paddle but that evening things went downhill. All week I had been coming in contact with people who had a cold and I was trying to do my best at avoiding them. Washing my hands and keeping my hands from my eyes but it wasn’t enough.  Six months of training, not a day sick, and Slam !!!! a week away from the start of the race I get a cold.  Needless to say Sunday was a big time rest day and all workouts on Monday were skipped. It appears that everyone that has gotten this cold is over it in a couple of days so I am going to do my best (no workouts, lots of sleep, medicine, and low stress) to help it along. A cold is not going to stop me from starting this challenge. In between naps I did spend some of Sunday packing. This is a picture of me sorting and packing fuels for each day. I drive my wife nuts with how I sort everything by day and mark each bag. I do like things organized but I also feel that the more time you spend getting things organized before the race the less time you spend during the race trying to get to stuff. I am not one to spend a lot of time enjoying the scenery or wasting time when I land. I want to land get my tent setup, eat, get cleaned-up and sleep. Launching is even faster with a quick breakfast of Ensure and an oatmeal bar, camp tear down and go.  She thinks I am nuts but that doesn’t stop her from helping. After laughing at me and taking this picture she got down and helped me sort through the stuff. It is that kind of support from the home front that is so important to someone attempting to do one of these challenges. The challenge is hard on the person doing it but it equally hard on the loved ones left at home. The time away from home training, the time spent planning the trip, the worry that love ones experience and so many more things that would take this whole page to list them puts a hardship on them. I am lucky in that I am married to a very special woman who has always been very supportive of the adventures that I do even though she says ” I tell you he is not right. ” You will get a chance to get her point of view as she will be taking over the blog while I am on my trip. Since she is the “Queen of Sarcasm” I think you will tell by the difference in writing styles that it is her writing. As with every adventure trip I have attempted, the week before can be very stressful with the task of getting ready. I don’t care how much advance work I do I always feel like I am behind the power curve.  I am really trying to manage that stress and just go with the fact that it will be what it will be come Saturday morning. This means no more double checking lists, watching the forecasted weather every hour (like it will be accurate this far in advance), no more gear modifications, and getting over this cold. For the family of MSG Anthony Yost, Army Special Forces, that included a daughter, facing life without him is not easy. Please remember the name of this brave man and the sacrifice he made. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will make it easier for the families of fallen special warriors.

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  1. Bill, clearly one of your better blogs, the behind the scenes information is very interesting, and informative. Besides the overall preperation and commitment, The family support and related involvement is truly the one of the more incredible aspects. I’ve gotta say, I’m getting pretty excited for you and your challenge, and will be watching with great interest, support and concern.
    I will be pulling for you all the way! PS: Based on your notes, I cant wait to read your better halfs blogs!

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