The Time Has Come…

Hello Everyone!!  As Bill mentioned in his previous posting, I will be taking over from here.  Bill often says, “Yesterday was the last easy day.”  However, TODAY was the last easy day for him.  🙂  The kayak and most gear got taken to the race launch site at Ft. Desoto.  At this point, if it hasn’t been done, it’s probably not going to get done and all his preparation comes in to play now.  A nice big dinner tonight (he chose Sonny’s — helping to validate my “he ain’t right” theory) and a good night’s sleep is in order as we will be up at o’dark thirty in the morning.  Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement during the training leading up to this event and especially during the next 3-4 weeks.  It means so much and I will be sure and share some of that support and encouragement with Bill as well — LOL!!  Tomorrow’s weather is not too pleasant for the racers… wind right on their noses.  Be back tomorrow with pictures from the start.           -lisa


3 thoughts on “The Time Has Come…

  1. Lisa, thanks for keeping us updated now that the mad paddler has departed. I hope the launch went smoothly and all the gizmos are working properly! Now you can check into the Presidential Suite at the Marriott Waterside and begin the daily ritual of a long-term guest. Breakfast in bed, yoga, poolside massage treatments, cabana boy feeding you grapes, etc. Enjoy!


  2. Lisa, we hope to welcome Bill to Englewood tonight. We live 5 minutes from his check point at the kayah shop. I see Bill is in Sarasota Bay (6 pm) looking good. If there is anything you need let us know. Bob & Cindy Howell

  3. Lisa,
    We have been watching Bill on SPOT off and on all day today. I hope he didn’t have to encounter the winds like we had here in the middle of the state. We wish him the best of luck, and a safe trip. Can’t wait to watch his journey tomorrow.
    Uncle Ron & Aunt Linda

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