Race Day 5

Late last night Bill’s SPOT started tracking him again and was putting him towards Highland’s Beach.  He has camped there in previous years so I figured that was where he was going to stop for the night.  This is a tough area as there is no cell phone reception so I don’t hear from him at all until he hits Checkpoint 3 in Flamingo. In any event, it looks like he is well underway and heading for Whitewater Bay and then on to CP3 by this afternoon some time when I look forward to hearing his voice.

I should also mention that Bill had all intentions of doing the Wilderness Waterway this year.  Doing this adds an additional day to his time and due to weather at the start and being so far behind (about a day and half behind last year’s schedule) he must have chosen not to do it.  I’m sure he is disappointed as he has yet to do the WW and no one has done it and completed the Ultimate Florida Challenge.  Not to mention the fact that he has not had an opportunity to use his “python eliminator!”  There is a lot of race left though. 🙂   Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Race Day 5

  1. Lisa,
    We know you will be glad to hear his voice today. Tell him we are checking him on SPOT three times a day. Keep that “python eliminator” close by at all times.
    Uncle Ron & Aunt Linda

  2. Thanks for the updates – I check on him every chance I get. Tell him lots of folks are checking in on him (and you) to be sure both of you are well.

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