Race Day 6

Bill made it to Checkpoint 3 around 6:00pm.  I wish I could say he sounded great and was looking forward to the dash across Florida Bay to Key Largo tomorrow.  Instead, I got a whole lot of “jiminy Christmas!”  Followed by a slew of “brutal, absolutely brutal.”  And as badly as I wanted to say to him, “Suck it up Skipper, you volunteered for this, remember?” I chose instead to sympathize with him.  (For Janice and all the other TECO ladies I say, “Isn’t HE lucky to share MY space?!?”)

This is probably the worst I have heard him sound in all the years he has done this race.  (Yes, Bob Hobkirk, even the year ya’ll duct taped your hands to the paddles to get to the finish line.)  The weather has certainly taken its toll and racers are dropping like flies.  I’ve never seen so many “DNF’s” on the results page as this year.  I am heading to Key Largo tomorrow to take him new supplies and after that, it’s all new for both of us.  Keep praying to those weather Gods for fair winds (preferably from the South) and following seas!

3 thoughts on “Race Day 6

  1. The only comment I would make at this point is that I know there is no quit in Bill; unless he is injured. We were watching a documentary the other night (180 Degree South) and the founder of Patgonia, Yvon Chouinard said “The word adventure has gotten over used, an adventure is when everything goes wrong. That’s when the adventure starts.”

  2. Bill,

    Everyday there are people at working talking about how you are doing. You are an inspiration to the many of us who think we are athletes! You are demonstrating there is more to the race than the start and finish.

  3. Bill,
    I had no idea…..I was talking to Joe Wiley the other day and he told me about what you are doing…AMAZING. I’ve been following you since, and yes, you really are an inspiration, especially to those of us facing challenges in our lives. God be with you, and finish strong!!!
    Caroline Bass (Vierengel)

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