Race Day 8

Last year when Bill finished the Everglades Challenge, I was forced out of a deep sleep by Bill’s elbow smacking me across my head.  I realized he was “sleep paddling.”  Serious muscle memory?  Post-traumatic stress?  Whatever the case, I was prepared this time.  No flailing arms but I got kicked a few times.  (I believe he was still working the rudder pedals – LOL.)  After 3 hours of “sleep,” we were back at the beach.  I took a picture of Bill with SOME of the bags and gear that he puts in his kayak.  This pile represents probably half of what gets loaded into the kayak and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of room he has in that thing.

All week we have been wanting winds from the North and only got them one day.  Now, here we are, the day Bill is turning North, and what do we get?  Winds from the North.  No sailing today.  A quick hug, we prayed, and into the boat he went.  I took a picture of him as he left for this newest adventure.

I received a text from Bill last night and he stated he had stopped a little early to camp.  Said he had to paddle again all day so I’m sure he was pretty wiped out.  His plans were to leave around 6:00 to cross Biscayne Bay.  Tracking the last couple of days with the SPOT has been frustrating to say the least.    Damn solar flares.

1 thought on “Race Day 8

  1. I just found your site and updates yesterday. I really appreciate this opportunity to keep informed of your progess and to see pictures which are certainly worth more than a thousand words. It’s hard to imagine what it would take to do something like this. Your blog is providing some insight.

    Good Luck and Best wishes in your journey.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sailor Bob

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