Race Day 9

Miserable.  That pretty much sums up Bill’s take on the day.  Going through Miami was terrible.  Boat traffic was crazy and full of extremely rude boaters who apparently have no respect for kayakers.  Even though the winds were starting to settle down, Bill said they were still dealing with 30mph gusts and at times, felt like they were being pushed backwards.  Hoping to get some sleep and head out early with better conditions tomorrow.

As for the race as a whole, 11 people entered to do the Ultimate Florida Challenge and, as of tonight, there are 6.  Bill looks to be in 3rd/4th place (he is still paddling with Riverslayer).  There are different classes of racers depending on the type of boat they are doing the race in.  Bill is in class 3.  I am always trying to think of something positive and uplifting to say to him at the end of our conversations, and I was almost at a loss last night until I blurted out, “Just keep doing what you are doing because you ARE making progress and I don’t mean to pressure you but you are FIRST place in your class baby!!”   Of course he is the ONLY racer in his class and even though he didn’t catch it then, I can only hope a couple of hours later it made him smile.  🙂