Closer Every Day

What is the second best thing to getting a phone call from Bill?  Getting a phone call from someone who saw and talked to him, of course!!!   A friend and fellow Watertriber, Jarhead, aka Bill Fite, called to say he had seen and talked to Bill and Rod.  He said they both looked great, all things considered, and their mood was upbeat.  Looks like he got off to an early start today, hopefully will put in around 50 miles (easy for me to say), and arrive at Cedar Key mid-day tomorrow.  Only 120 miles (give or take) from Cedar Key to Ft. Desoto, so he could possibly make it by Thursday, but so many variables and too early to say.  Today is day 24 — what’s a couple of more?

2 thoughts on “Closer Every Day

  1. Strength, courage and leadership is the definition of Bill Whale. We all have watched Bill in his effort and cannot fully appreciate his effort. Go Bill! See you shortly.

    • Bob, you are right of course but my first thought was “Crazy”. I have enjoyed following his progress and Lisa’s updates. Bill, looks like you will have a good homecoming this weekend. Spence

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