Finally — A Call

Received a phone call tonight at 6:30.  I heard Bill say, “Hey, can you hear me?”  I replied yes and then heard, “[horrible static and noise] …dead.”  Hmmmmm.  I decided sometimes it is better to not get a call at all.  About 20 minutes later, I received a call and it was Bill, loud and clear, on some really nice person’s borrowed phone.  They were stopped at Fanning Springs to try and make a call to let me know the plans.  Going to paddle a few more hours tonight then camp.  Getting up early and heading to Cedar Key checkpoint anticipating getting there in the late afternoon or evening.  They will most likely stay in Cedar Key for the night to rest up for the final 120 mile “sprint” home.

3 thoughts on “Finally — A Call

  1. It may be a little early in the year for this, but I wonder if Bill saw any jumping sturgeon fish on the river at Fanning Springs! Hope they didn’t jump in his kayak.

  2. Lisa – this is wonderful news!! Bill’s doing great!! I hope you are holding up too!!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the continued updates. We here at the SOWF are pulling for Bill. I know your steadfast support has been a huge help to him on this challenging journey. Thank you and Bill for choosing the Warrior Foundation as your charity, and may God keep Bill safe.

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