Training Routine

One of the challenges of any Watertribe event is that there is not a lot of information available on how to train for them. From my prospective there are four areas you have to train for. The first is mental, the second is physical, the third is procedures and practices, and the fourth is small boat skills.  In creating my training schedule for the physical side I started with a training schedule I found for a 100 mile river race. I modified this schedule based on things that I learned training for triathlons. Since a lot of my workouts are in the morning I am doing the bike, row, walk, and run workouts on stationary equipment. The stationary workouts are either strength or an interval workout. These workouts are followed by a weight workout or a workout using a product called the TRX suspension trainer. TRX is essentially a couple of straps and a workout routine created by some Navy SEALs. All my long distance workouts are paddling workouts.  Since I am trying to paddle three times a week some days are double workout days. The paddling workouts end up being endurance, strength, or interval workouts. As far as rest days my schedule calls for a rest day on Sunday.  In order to avoid over training I really try to stay on top of how sore my muscles are and how tired I feel. If I find that on a given week Sunday is not enough I will call another rest day. Hope this answers some of the questions I have received. In future post I will talk more about how I am training for the mental, the procedures and practices, and the small boat skills side of this challenge.


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