November 16, 2011 Training Session

This training session is dedicated to Army Special Forces Master Sgt.Samuel Foster who lost his life in 1998. This training session included a hiked of 3.5 miles with a 35 Lb pack (HR 90 – 110 ) / TRX1 – 5 week routine – 45 sec rest / Night Paddle 5 miles – 1 hour (HR 110-120). First night paddle of the season. I have always enjoyed night-time paddling but the night does introduce some unique aspects. Situation awareness gets a little messy, oh and that ,it seems like a three-foot breaking wave coming from behind, is really a six-inch wave, that fish that just got spooked and jumped onto the boat is not a four-foot barracuda but a medium size bait fish, oh and jaws is not right under the boat thinking it is looking at a fiberglass Twinkie with me as the soft inside, and yes that explosion of water just in front of me, that caused my heart to stop, was a school of sleeping manatees who can flip the boat but don’t bite. Really it is just water, just a little darker. All that really means is that I need to spend more time making friends with the night. When Master Sgt Foster lost his life he left behind a family that included a son and a daughter. A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his kids.  Please consider a donation.

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  1. TRX is the name of the company that makes the suspenstion straps that I use and 1 is for the first routine at the five week program point. The straps look pretty innocent but the workout can be a killer.Stop by the gym one morning and you too can have fun with them.

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