In Honor of Army Capt. Daniel Eggers, Special Forces

This training session is dedicated to Army Capt. Daniel Eggers, Special Forces, who lost his life in 2004. Tampa Bay was a nasty girl tonight. Rain, wind, cold, and waves. Bottom line, great training weather for the UFC but not a lot of fun and very tough. The big question was who would show up with the weather being so bad, Peanut or Rocky ? Well Rocky showed up and I got a picture of him for all to see. Not the most handsome guy but tough as nails. Tonight’s interval training was 4.5 miles with a pyramid interval workout – 3 * 90 strokes, 2 * 180 strokes, 1 * 270 strokes , 3* 180 strokes, 5*90 strokes. Rest intervals were 30 strokes, 60 strokes, 90 strokes respectfully. Yesterday’s workout consisted of a 4 mile walk with a 35 lb weight and various inclines (1 hr 6 minutes). After the walk I did a Lift 1 Routine 12*10*8 reps with a 30 sec rest between sets.  Tonight was a tough workout but not as tough as it was for the Eggers family, that included two sons, when he did not come home in 2004.   A donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation will help provide a college education to his children.